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juneau/projects/ SEWN TO THE SKY
with Ben Neal, Anthony Brewer & special guests
Sunday 5 August, 7.30pm

The Michael Tippett Centre, Newton St Loe, Bath

Monday 6 August August, 4pm
In the ground of Newton Park, Bath

Sewn to the sky is an interactive sound and visual experience that blurs the boundaries between sound and vision by presenting a performance by a four-piece band (led by juneau/projects/ themselves) that is seamlessly integrated with an interactive visual animation. The musicians play customized instruments (a guitar in the form of a stag's skull and a bass in the form of a killer moth) that interface with the animated images of the game created by juneau/projects/ with programmer, Ben Neal. Sewn to the sky connects the process of playing a musical instrument and the structures of composition within visual experience and new technologies as particular sounds and instruments interact differently with the animation.

Two very different performances of Sewn to the sky took place: a rock n' roll auditorium gig on the Sunday night, and an unplugged performance in an idyllic pastoral location on Monday. Both performances culminated in the opportunity for audiences to play the instruments and try out the game.

Media Art Bath is proud to have commissioned the work including the design and production of the instruments, designed in the haptic modelling lab at User-lab and produced using CNS routing. Media Art Bath also supported juneau/projects/ to continue their work with software designer, Ben Neal to produce levels 2,3 and 4 of the game.

Photography: Sam Nightingale