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Contemporary Art Talks 06

Contemporary Art Talks 06

Contemporary Art Talks 06
Every Thursday in May, 7pm

Julian Stallabrass
Rod Dickenson and Tom McCarthy
Michael Connor

Following the success of the Contemporary Art Talks 05 programme, which included speakers such as Mark Wallinger, Bill Woodrow and James Ireland, Media Art Bath in partnership with BANA (Bath Area Network Artists) and CAP (Contemporary Arts Programming) presented an additional programme during May 2006. This programme focused on the relationship of contemporary practice to new technology, and invited artists, curators and critics presented their views on the impact of the digital era on production and presentation of contemporary art.

Julian Stallabrass, Thursday 4th May
This talk placed ‘' in contrast with the gallery art of the 1990s, as well as making some brief analyses of more recent developments, and focus on the interchange between political and aesthetic effect.

Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy, Thursday 11th May
Beaconsfield recently presented a collaborative work Greenwich Degree Zero by Rod Dickinson and Tom McCarthy that uses as its subject matter what could be called the first suicide bombing to occur in the UK. The duo talk about the work, in particular focusing on the notion of mediation and documentation.

Juneau/Projects/, Thursday 18th May
Featured in the British Art Show and scheduled to produce a new artist commission with Media Art Bath later in the 06/07 programme. For the past five years the two have been studying technology's ambiguous role in the cultural system and its conflicting relationship with the natural environment. In their work, the nature/culture debate usually takes the form of experimental sound and performance interventions.

Michael Connor, Thursday 25th May
As Head of Exhibitions at the British Film Institute, Michael Connor is leading the development of a new exhibition space in London dedicated to artists' film, video, and new media. The space, which will be sited within the National Film Theatre complex, opens to the public in Autumn 2006. Michael discusses his approach to curating in this field.