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Jacques Nimki

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Jacques Nimki
Hosted by Media Art Bath website
1 June 2005 - ongoing

Jacques Nimki's practice makes use of somewhat archaic processes more appropriate to the Victorian era of exploration and collection. Reminiscent of Fox Talbot’s observations of ferns and lace samples in early photography, his working method is deliberately slow and protracted. It involves now obsolete forms of technology employed to collect and collate raw material in the form of data that specifically documents overlooked urban plant life. This data is then labouriously transferred onto paper or other surfaces as intricate drawing. In this case the transfer is via the desktop printer.

An important part of Nimki's work is his database of weed sketches and plant drawings housed on an old digital personal organiser. Previously unpublished, this delicate and witty archive is now hosted by the MAB website. By clicking on the image above you can enter Jacques Nimki's micro-computer and navigate this collection of information. You can print an original artwork or distribute a data seed to a friend.

The information was collected during a period of residency in Bath. Nimki spent several months analysing the plant-life along a traffic artery circulating the city, logging each specimen and its location then researching its identity.

The microcomputer interface was reproduced by Ed Holroyd from Untold, with kind permission from PSION.

Jacques Nimki is represented by The Approach Gallery, London.