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Lady Lucy

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Lady Lucy - Movie Memories
Age Concern Bath & North East Somerset
June - October 2004

Movie Memories was a collaboration between artist Lady Lucy and the visitors to Age Concern Bath & North East Somerset's venues in the region.

The focus of the project was to record and collect movie memories.

The medium of film and the experience of seeing it in the cinema is something most of us are familiar with. Few are able to recollect the earliest of those experiences when film was an exciting new genre and images of a train pulling into a station caused viewers to run from auditoriums in terror. Movie Memories aimed to delve back into that history through a series of live investigations that bring these experiences into the present day.

Over the course of the summer of 2004 a series of meetings were held at some of Age Concern Bath & North East Somerset's venues including the St Michaels Centre, Fairfield House and their site in Midsomer Norton. During the meetings Lady Lucy instigated discussion around film; what was the first film you ever saw? What did it mean to go to the cinema when you were a teenager etc.

During these discussions recordings of movie memories were made with the use of digital recording equipment, filming, writing and drawing. Ranging from back-row kisses to analysis of Gibson's The Passion, the memories form a lucid and complex picture of the process of memory and our relationship to the moving image.

This process formed a stock-pile of material that was presented to the general public through a brand new publication - Movie Memories.

As a finale to this research a one day event was organised at The St Michaels Centre and The Little Theatre Cinema as part of the Bath Film Festival. At the event visitors were able to watch classic movies selected in response to the stories uncovered during the project, look at original artworks, pick up a free copy of Movie Memories.

It was a day where movie memories could mingle new and old as Lady Lucy made new portraits of visitors and interviewed them for their own stories over a cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake.

For further information on the project or to order a copy of Movie Memories please contact Media Art Bath.