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Portable Radio Podcast

Portable Radio Podcast

Portable Radio Podcast

Next Tuesday, May 26, Portable Radio (Russell Martin and Sarah Thelwall) visits Bath to collaborate with Media Art Bath and talk to local artists, writers, curators, critics and members of the public about how the local art scene operates. Guests include: Bridget Crone (Media Art Bath), Elena Hill (contemporaryartprogramming), Arran Hodgson (Fringe Arts Bath), Lucy Sames (Media Art Bath) and Sarah Simmonds (Avebury World Heritage Site Officer).

Further information on Portable Radio

Download the podcast (after the event)

Portable Radio is a project by Russell Martin and Sarah Thelwall presented by Media Art Bath as part of the Fringe Arts Bath (FAB) programme 2009.

About Portable Radio

Organised by artist Russell Martin and art markets specialist Sarah Thelwall, Portable Radio will be a series of mapped dialogues taking place in 10 venues around the UK and later podcast on a dedicated website –

Each hour-long show will explore a specific artistic locale in the UK with around 4 invited guests, plus hosts Sarah and Russell.  Guests will be both arts specialists (visual artists, critics, writers, philosophers etc.) and non-specialist members of the public who live or work in close proximity to the arts (gallery security guards or cleaners, people who visit gallery or museum café’s), or simply people who have little or no interest in the arts at all.

Dialogues will revolve around topics specific to that location – local arts amenities, funding etc. – but focus more specifically on the intangible issues facing the arts in the current political and economic climate.  With funding reorganisation by DCMS and Arts Council England, as well as a burgeoning private art market, the current art world in the UK makes for a stimulating and paradoxical area for exploration.  Over the course of the project, the UK’s art worlds will be aurally mapped through the real, lived experiences of practitioners and public alike, forming a snapshot of current trends, aspirations and challenges in the arts.

As well as audio recording, each dialogue will be visually mapped using a technique devised and developed by Sarah in her practice with creative businesses.  Viewing Platform is a visual mapping tool designed to enable the often intangible and invisible structures of the art world to be exposed and understood.  We will use Viewing Platform to map the dialogues, creating a locally-specific overview of the art world.  These maps will be available online at, where people can also subscribe to the series podcast or listen to each session individually.  At the end of the project subsequent funding may be sought for a publication and / or conference to disseminate research.

Details of partners, audio, images and dates for the dialogues can be found at