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Chris Watson
Matthew Olden (I am the Mighty Jungulator)
Dorkbot Bristol

STAGING SOUND 2.0 is an exploration of experimental and DIY sound and music-making, particularly its creation and dissemination through Web 2.0. Artists and musicians alike are turning more and more to Do It Yourself – making their own recordings, making their own kit and recycling existing sounds and other people’s music – and to the diverse opportunities that Web 2.0 offers for making and sharing music and ideas in this way.

We’ve identified three aspects of DIY sound production – /FIELD/ SCAVENGED/ HOMEMADE/ – and we invite you to join us for a hands-on exploration of each of these. Watch, listen, experiment, enjoy, take part in the workshops and Sound Hack to find and share new tips and methods that you can use later at home with little or no equipment, budget or expertise!

STAGING SOUND 2.0 includes a two-day workshop with Chris Watson sound recordist extraordinaire and founding member of Cabaret Voltaire. The workshop will take place across a range of locations urban and rural exploring the watery environment of Bath by day and night…

Other highlights include a new commission by Matthew Olden of I am the Mighty Jungulator fame. This online project is a unique self-generative, automatic audio-visual mixer creating sounds by navigating the Internet by hopping via embedded hyperlinks from site to site churning up and spitting out the mp3s, .wavs, .jpgs and .gifs it finds along the way. From 29 August, you’ll be able to download the software to your desktop and play your own unique, churned up, scrambled audio-visual delights!

Fancy doing something strange with sound and gadgetry? STAGING SOUND 2.0 will end with a day-long DIY experimental extravaganza with the doing strange things with electricity folk Dorkbot Bristol presenting a Sound Hack and micro workshop – expect strange sounds, electronic gadgetry, DIY acoustic wonders and manipulated toys. Hosted by Media Art Bath at a secret location, the Sound Hack will be followed by a Guerilla Busking event where you can hear, watch, enjoy, try out and show off the all-singing all-dancing creations around the streets of Bath!

See the page following page for programme information, dates and times. For further information or to take part, please contact Lucy Sames on 01225 442 591 or

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Staging Sound 2.0 is supported by Bath Spa University Artswork, Percy Community Centre, The Porter Cellar Bar and Bath & North East Somerset Council.