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Imploded Action Dissonant Affects

Imploded Action Dissonant Affects

Imploded action, dissonant affects
Towards a new politics of non-relationality?

A seminar on dissonance and affect with Amanda Beech, Mikko Canini, Bridget Crone, Jaspar Joseph-Lester. Chaired by Marie-Anne McQuay.

TICKETS: £2 Students (with valid NUS), Spike Island Studio Artists & Spike Associates. Full price £4. Refreshments provided.

Imploded action dissonant affects addresses the relation or non-relation between space, image and sound as well as our expectations for art's effective and affective potential. Central to the discussion is the question of what would happen if we were to radically rethink the relationship between image and meaning that is central to the way that we communicate about art, ideas... politics. How would we communicate, organize ourselves, be in common?

Accompanying Amanda Beech's current exhibition Sanity Assassin at Spike Island, Imploded action dissonant affects invites artists, writers and curators to respond to the issues raised in relation to the exhibition, as well as their broader implications.

Art has, and still often does, predicate its ability to generate meaning in its production of causal relations between image, sound, space, people and objects. Crucially, this pulling together of elements is as much an issue for art that sees its work as the construction of meaning, as it is for an art that identifies its task to radically disassemble these relations. This is centrally because both approaches rely upon an understanding that some things have natural relations that are always already connected, despite the claim that no such thing exists in the first place.

This paradox has caused various problems for art, and even a crisis of arts' politics. If these practices only standardize meaning then how can art fulfill its traditional two-fold task of producing a critical culture of difference, as well as being the lynchpin by which we understand and define community?

If we are to pursue a rethinking of action, affect and dissonance then these operations need to be understood as limited and this leaves further questions for urgent attention: would a radical re-thinking of the relation between image and meaning actually prevent the production of communities of common languages that seem necessary for politics? In other words, how can we have a collective "politics" or political action without a shared language from which to express and organize ourselves? What would a radical rethinking of meaning in the grounds of non-relation, mean for art? And how if at all, would this lead us to redraw the thought of democracy that we have standardized both in art and politics?

This symposium invites speakers to respond to these issues by thinking through the conditions of the relation or non-relation between space, image and sound, as well as what might be our expectations for art's effective and affective potential.

Seminar runs 4pm-5:30pm followed by drinks. Spike Island Gallery will be open 11-4pm and Sanity Assassin runs three times per hour.

Imploded action, dissonant affects is presented by Spike Island in association with Media Art Bath.