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The MAB Film Exercise
A programme of monthly screenings to exercise ideas in and around artists' film

Involuntary Reception
Kristin Lucas, Branda Miller, Craig Mulholland, Charlie Tweed
Curated by Marie-Anne McQuay

Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA
FREE but booking recommended (0117 917 2300)

For the third MAB Film Exercise, Media Art Bath is pleased to announce that Marie-Anne McQuay (Curator at Spike Island) will present a series of video transmissions from Utopia's shadow world: the contemporary technocratic Dystopia.

Dystopia is the utopia you must be careful not to wish for (Michael S. Roth)

The work in Involuntary Reception highlights a variety of dystopias in which bureaucratic, scientific, economic and environmental systems mesh together, asking to whom have we surrendered control and in whose name?

Just as classic dystopian fiction blurs the boundaries between present catastrophe and future premonition, so too do the fragmentary and frenetic transmissions of Kristin Lucas, Branda Miller, Craig Mulholland and Charlie Tweed. They do this through montaging contemporary and archival film sources with computerised voiceovers and layering digital images with analogue noise to disorientating effect.

By inviting curators to present a programme of artists' film, The MAB Film Exercise seeks to address both the diverse potential for artists' film as a form and a sense of the current urgency, social or political timeliness in the work (of both curator and artist). The MAB Film Exercise is produced and presented by Media Art Bath - championing contemporary art and ideas through the development of bold new work.

The MAB Film Exercise is a place for discussing art and the ideas it generates, please join us!