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CLARE GASSON, the traveller walking walking walking through... (2010)

The traveller walking walking walking through... is a kind of sound-poem that takes a balladic or song-like form, and was written in response to a visit to Bath - walking and experiencing the City, and thinking about the rhythm of walking and of waulking songs. Waulking songs are the work songs of women waulking the cloth, and like miners' or seafaring songs, the rhythm of the songs - designed to assist the process of labour - provides a basis for undertaking physical activity. In this case, the activity is Gasson's walks, and these lie between the text, the rhythm and the action with the action being walking and experiencing the city and the influences that touch upon the traveller through the journey... Through this process there is an uncovering or a peeling back of the layers of the city through the converse action of layering sound. Walking to the weekly market in Twerton, Gasson recounts text in the landscape: graffiti, signs for car manufacturers... the unfolding of the City from a smooth surface to a striated, uneven space of a city fringe - the city unravels. Like working songs themselves, Gasson's texts don't just belong on the page although the notation of their rhythm and their sounds (often percussive, involving clicking, bodily noises, calls and echoes) is of interest to her, instead they lift off creating an immersive sonic, evocative and imaginistic space.

The traveller walking walking walking through... is available as an MP3 download from the Media Art Bath website [click here] with an accompanying map of the walks for those visiting Bath who wish to undertake the artist's passages through and around about the City.

A new work commissioned by Media Art Bath.